Folding cargo bike for everyone. The Urbanox.

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From 6900 €

Urbanox Mini

From 6340 €

Safety even under full load

We give everything for your safety. Why Avnson cargo bikes are safe!

What makes us special

Our philosophy

We focus on practical solutions and progressive mobility. This is how we developed the folding cargo bike.

Developed for dynamic everyday use, it combines the usefulness of a cargo bike with the flexibility of a folding bike.

Our aim was to offer you an environmentally friendly alternative that sets new standards in terms of both storage space and transportability.

Our vision
  • Mobility that keeps pace with the challenges of urban life
  • A cargo bike that offers generous storage space without sacrificing flexibility.
  • An intelligent solution that takes into account the tight urban space and fits into even the smallest apartment.

Riding comfort & safety

Easy transportation

Whether on public transport or in your own vehicle – the folding cargo bike makes transportation much easier once it has been folded.
You can easily take your cargo bike with you if you want to travel outside your usual radius.

Flexible in everyday life

You can use your folding cargo bike in a wide variety of situations.

Whether you are transporting loads for work or private shopping – the flexibility is always at your disposal. After use, it can be quickly folded up and easily stowed away.

Dynamic in the city

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