About us

Our mission. Foldable cargo bikes of the highest quality!

Avnson is all about high-quality folding cargo bikes. We are a small Start Up Business from Hamburg, Germany, really putting our heart and soul into the development and manufacture of our bikes – We genuinely want to make a difference.

Fitting the Urbanox into modern day life, we aim to contribute to sustainable transport, new mobility and international cycling culture. Our vision is to convince more people of the diverse uses of cargo bikes. To achieve that, we have developed a unique concept cargo bike, practicable and accessible to a broad audience and highly individual demands.

The Origin of the Company Name "AVNSON"

The name AVNSON is inspired by the French word “Avançons,” which translates to “Let’s go!” in English. The letters A and V are chosen to form a harmonious link. The N symbolizes the union of A and V, and SON represents the positive outcome of this connection. The name conveys the idea of progress and harmonious collaboration.

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