The Unfolding

Cargo Bike

Unfolding New Cargo Mobility.

WHY Urbanox

Why Urbanox


The foldable Avnson Urbanox is a full size and fully functional cargo bike featuring the portability and storage properties of common size bicycles. Saving space and creating room for exciting new ways of cargo, it literally unfolds a world of unprecedented possibilities. Compared to non-foldable cargo bikes the Urbanox offers equal performance in all respects. And on top – it can go ways no other cargo bike can.

Transport Turns Transportable.

In its folded position the Urbanox conveniently fits into cars and on trains. It can be stored in bike lockers and any other places that regular size bikes fit into. This presents an abundance of possibilities and makes the Urbanox suitable to countless specific demands.

Transport Turns Transportable



Folding Cargo In Half.

Folding and unfolding the Urbanox is literally as easy as riding a bike – if not even easier. All it takes is two oddly satisfying clicks and about 40 seconds. There is nothing like the reassuring feeling of folding the robust and well-working mechanism on an Urbanox.



Full Load. Full Power.


Despite its innovative folding-mechanism the Urbanox comes with uncompromising performance and usability. If you have ridden a high-quality cargo bike before, you will not notice any difference. Besides all the new possibilities you have, of course.



Benefits Beyond Expectation.

The numerous advantages of the Urbanox can only be fully realized once it is put to use. Because they are just as highly individual as the problems, that they solve. And the longer you ride, the more new advantages and opportunities you will discover.


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