The Urbanox classic. Foldable cargo bike.

In business, for private individuals and families!

  • Simply fold up and stow away to save space.

  • Flexible to use. Can also be transported on public transport.

  • Safely and comfortably transport heavy goods, shopping, children or pets.

Urbanox - Folding cargo bike

The Urbanox can be easily folded and is therefore very space-saving. It is also easy to transport in narrow bicycle cellars, on the train or in the car.

Urbanox - Business. For heavy loads

Safely transport even heavy loads . It is fast and efficient in the city centre. The bike's open platform provides space for a variety of compatible equipment.

Urbanox - Family

Transport your children or pets with ease and with a smile on your face. For school and grocery shopping easily and conveniently. On holiday & adventure it becomes something special.

Das Urbanox classic

Environmentally conscious & practical in all areas.

The Urbanox is the ultimate companion for extended rides. Its compact, manoeuvrable design and impressive performance make it the perfect companion for everyday use and even for thick packages and tight bike basements. The Urbanox Klassik is built for the challenges of modern city life. With this free ride, you’re ready for all the adventures that urban life has to offer.

Lean. Agile. Light

Simple answer to complex transport questions

The Urbanox is quick and easy to manoeuvre and provides stability at speed and on a variety of surfaces.

Folding the Urbanox

The entire process can be done in two simple steps and in less than 40 seconds.

AVNSON is the only manufacturer of cargo bikes to offer such an innovative folding system. Folding and unfolding the Urbanox is quick and easy.

Foldable Loading Platform

Flexibility and Multifunctionality

Simple, Practical, Efficient

The foldable loading area of our Urbanox adapts to your needs. With a width ranging from 31 cm to 62 cm, you can transport everything from small purchases to large loads. Additionally, accessory compatibility allows for a variety of applications, and optimized wind resistance ensures energy efficiency.


Das exklusive Lenksystem per Seilzug bietet außergewöhnliche Manövrierfähigkeit!

Die von Avnson verwendete Seillenkung ermöglicht eine Drehung des Vorderrads um 75° nach links oder rechts für außergewöhnliche Manövrierfähigkeit und Kurvenfahrten auf engstem Raum.

Dieses System ist anpassbar, wartungsarm und mit seinen mit Edelstahl verstärkten Kabeln und der Kevlar-Ummantelung jeder Herausforderung gewachsen.

Technical information

Urbanox classic

Frame and fork
Rear frame
Aluminium 7005 T6
Front frame
600 mm / 800 mmAluminium 7005 T6
Steel CrMo 4130 - thru axle, M15XP1.5
28.5 kilogram
Wheels, breakes and steering
Rear hub
135 mm - 36 hole - axle 10 mm
Front hub
100 mm - 36 hole - thru axle 15 mm
20"+ 20" x 13G - 36 hole - aluminum hollow rim
SCHWALBE PICK-UP Perf, Super Defense, TwinSkin
Front: 20" / Rear: 20"
SKS PET A 65 / 20"
TRP C 2.3 hydraulic brakes front/rear discs 180 mm
Steering tube headset
Neco H148 1 1/8" Integrated
Headset for fork tube
Neco H50 1 1/4" semi-integrated
Stem adapter
Speedlifter Twist 1 1/4" T17 Height adjustability 170 mm
Cable steering - 2X2 Cables
31,8 x 720 mm Low Riser
28.6 x 31.8 x 90 mm adjustable
Ergon GP10
34.9 X 400 mm
VL -3580
Saddle clamp
DS-CL40 - 400mm
AT-1B folding pedals
Hub gears
Nexus 5 speed Di2 belt / Nexus 5 speed Mec. Belt
Front hub
Novatec D791SB-1 - 36 hole - thru axle, M15XP1.5
Front chainring
60 teeth
Rear chainring
22 teeth
115 teeth
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